Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Past, the Present, and the Future

By Cathy Yan, Age 13, Canada


Sometimes when I’m alone,
I stare into the fire.
Dreaming of fantasies,
And of flying higher.
My mind would then
Travel into the past.
All those could’ve beens,
That would never last.
With a spark in my eye,
I would dream of tomorrow.
The mysteries, the wonders,
No room for sorrow.
I would then stand up
And pace the floor.
Thinking about my life,
How it could be more.
Youth is not forever,
Neither is life.
That’s why I swore
To go forward with no strife.
And so I walk forward,
Not a glance at the past.
I only live for tomorrow,
Because happiness is the only thing
That would ever last.