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The Power of Love

By Mariam A. Kravchenko, age 11, Minnesota


War is a raging fire,
A sea of despair
Full of tears and grief,
A never-ending battle
Of hatred and jealousy.
But war can be defeated by love.

People say war is the most powerful force of all,
But think about it:
While war is cowering,
Love is standing tall.

The magic of love never ends;
War is one that love mends.
At first the rage of war overextends,
But with the help of love, it soon descends.

You can change most everything with love,
Hand in hand,
Together as one.

War can be defeated
If you remember to love.

One comment

  1. Noah Kilgore /

    Wow!!! I have never read a poem that was awesome and had an AMAZING! Point! If you would like you can check out my poem “The Right Ingredients” in The June 2016 edition.