Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Puppet

By Jean Lin


Yank, pull, move, grow.
The humans control the rods and strings,
They make me do horrible things.
They are my creator,
But yet they scorn me,
They have named me… Pollution.

I watch as the sea levels rise,
As the oceans warm up.
It fills me with sadness,
But still I grow, and grow, and grow.

Everyone thinks I am a monster,
But is it really me?
Or am I just a puppet taking the blame,
While the real monsters,
Stand to the side?

I symphonize to the oceans pain,
A mother’s tears of sorrow.
For her dead children,
Because of plastic,
Because of oil,
I can only watch as the ocean dies slowly,
Turning a sickening color.

I can’t stop.
The humans play the game.
The control me.
I can only watch,
As so many animals die away.
At the touch of my finger,
That the humans control.

I cannot cry my tears,
For they are waves of oil.
I cannot help,
Because I was made to destroy.
I do not want this life,
But I have no choice.

I am not a puppet to be played with,
I am not a joke,
I do not want to live like this,
To be hated,
For something not my fault.