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The Race to Justice

By Brendan Leggiadro, age 17, New York


At the end of a run
Horror I can’t comprehend:
Under a bright, yellow sun
People hurt, never to mend.

A city was united;
The mood, subdued.
Were the bad guys sighted?
Videos and pictures were viewed.

Our country still strong,
Media working all night,
Flags at half-mast,
Our hearts fell at their sight.

Two brothers, we were told,
From lands far away
Did this deed so bold
In the name of religion, they say.

Police officer down,
A shoot-out, a death,
Others found on a boat:
We all took a breath.

An unjust act—
Cowards, those two.
Their homicide pact
Brought out our red, white, and blue.

Was justice served?
We’ll wait and see
Our Constitution observed
In the land of the free.

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  1. Nancy Bellworth /

    Very beautiful poem. Brought me to tears but also made me feel proud to be an American. Great writing, Brendan!

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