Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Right Ingredients

By Noah Kilgore, age 10, New Jersey


I was baking with my mom.
I smelled a chocolaty aroma.
It almost tasted creamy.
The ingredients in the bowl were brown and yellow.
The brown was the batter.
The yellow was the eggs.
I stirred the bowl with a big, wooden spoon.
You have to stir until the colors become one, fudgy.
I stuck out my tongue and licked it clean—yummy!
We poured the good stuff into the gray pan.
Then, we waited…
When the brownies came out of the oven, we shared them with our family.
I like baking with my mom.


  1. shreya yadav /

    Wow! this poem was so nice. I myself am a baker and I could relate so much. keep it up!

  2. Noah Kilgore /

    Thank’s Uncle Eric

  3. Eric Dawson /

    Awesome poem