Amazing Kids! Magazine

The River

By Sehen Gamhewa, Comic Hub Editor


The river was singing again
Of secrets and tales unknown
While the breeze frolicked with the waves
And the shadows danced upon them.

It dreams of its mother, the earth,
Dreams of her as young again,
Ere her children’s sins and follies
Pained and hurt her heart.

It remembers the day still
That man and river first met;
Brimming with curiosity was it, at first,
But soon, the truth it saw.

It frothed in misery and madness;
The waves frantically thrashed the shore.
The chill ever tormented the trees,
But alas, none answered the pleas.

A thousand years it watched man,
Watched as he stumbled forward
And finally rose upright;
The bane of the earth he became.

A thousand more it cried for man,
Cried in vain to stop him,
As countless countries were razed
Until nothing was left but rubble.

And a thousand more it wailed for man,
Wailed as he seared his rotten heart,
And destroyed himself in the end
Till the earth was rid of its bane.

And the river could flow, free and pure at last,
And the trees could dance, ever in harmony,
But alas, the specters returned,
And the river cried again.