Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Run

By Mackenzie Dorsey, age 16, Virginia


You start the warm-up, stretching
Your muscles, so they don’t rip
Into 12,000 tiny threads like the guts of an orange.
As your leg completes its first stride,
You regret the pride you took
In enjoying a run after school.
The first mile hits you.
It’s a train that knocks you
Into a repetitive motion; at first,
It’s a rough piece of jerky,
But as you complete the steps, you
Realize you’re completing yourself.
Time starts to go by fast
As you pack the extent of land
Which you cover,
Pushing yourself to the point of no return
Where you enjoy the serious burn.
Mile after mile goes by until
You rush to say your final good-bye
To the best run you have ever fulfilled.