Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Sailor’s Plight

By Sehen Gamhewa, age 11, Kuwait


Water, water, everywhere, nothing else hither,
Stranded on this ship, so lonely does it make me,
And so all I doth is rest or play and play on the zither,
But ‘tis a place of freedom, so do thou want to be free?
And do thou also need a trip, to send thou off thy rocker?
Well here’s thy chance, oh do switch places with me,
Sooner or later, I’ll be at the depths of Davy Jones locker,
So there’s nay need to sacrifice thy life for me,
And then I’ll be enjoying the heavens and feasting to the brim,
At least I’ll hast escaped the terrors of the mortals below,
And finally free and happy for eternity I’ll be, and not in the least grim!!!