Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Sea

By Anik Bhaduri, age 16, India


Vast expanse of endless waves
Flowing through creeks and flowing through caves,
The maker of the eternal roar,
The ravager of sand castles on the shore.

Its forms are varied, different, and diverse;
Its charm appeals to all sorts of men.
It’s as infinite as the whole universe;
Its forms may number in thousands of ten!

It may seem beautiful and majestic,
Inducing poets to compose.
It may turn nightmarish and sadistic
During a storm when it changes its pose.

Every wave has a story to tell
To one willing to listen;
It’s a world of enigmatic magic
Underlying the moving waters which glisten.

So if you are patient enough to hear,
If the sea’s majesty you really revere,
You can hear its whispers, hear its tale—
And remember, such a story will never get stale.