Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Stars That Hold My Dreams

By Brenda Aceves, age 11, California


I’m reaching for the star
That holds my wanted dream;
The star is like my life
And every part of me.

I better pay attention in class
If I want to reach the star.
I don’t have forever; I
Am running out of time.

This is one of the many quests
That I want to complete in life.
I can’t give up now,
And I can’t back away,
Especially after all I’ve been through
Trying to do my best in school,
Not doing what is wrong.
I’m not going to mess around;
I want to reach the star, not
Waste my time messing around.

I have to be prepared:
I need to focus if I ever
Want to reach for the stars
That hold my desired dreams.