Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Storm

By Alayna Cooper, age 12, Illinois


He wept;
He mourned;
He roared;
He howled.
He filled the land
With his furious growls.
As the storm swept in,
The rain battered his cage.
The wolf kept his head low,
Hiding his rage.
His eyes burst with fury;
His claws ripped into the ground
As he scanned the horizon for humans
Who dared make a sound.
The metal bars creaked
From the force of the storm.
The rusty chains squeaked;
This old cage was worn.
Yet suddenly, the lightning struck,
Dashing along the sky,
Which was the color of muck.
The storm swept away houses,
Rooted up trees,
Made a swirling tornado
That nothing could ease.
A hurricane rushed in from the east;
The waves crushed houses.
There was no moment of peace,
But the wolf held his ground,
From chains he was bound.
Yet before he knew it,
The storm was gone.
His chains were broken;
The world sung a new song.
The land was replenished;
He was free at last
From the torment of humans,
Which was now in the past.
So the wolf stepped out of his cage,
And because his weight was lifted,
His eyes held no rage.
There were meadows and forests,
Blue skies and blue seas,
Stars filled with wonder,
And colorful trees.
And the wolf looked up
Into the kind, bright sky,
Grateful for the storm
That had saved his life.