Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Three Wanderers

By Alayna Cooper, age 12, Illinois


Once there were three wanderers
They settled by the shore
But they all had a yearning
To go out and explore

The first sailor, a proud, young man
Said, “Let’s travel to the sky
And study stars, clouds, birds
Up by the mountains high.”

The second man, an adventurous one
Said, “Let’s journey to the land
And see trees, flowers, fields
Instead of the shore with the sand.”

The third fisherman, wise and tall
Said, “Let’s sail onto the sea
And live by water, fish, gulls
As wide as the ocean may be.”

But they all shouted, argued, fought
On where in the world they should go
Yet they never thought to separate
And journey out alone

Alas, they knew they had to start
An adventure worth the telling
So now together they took off
And eased all of their yelling
They ventured to a place far away, wherever that may be
Whether by the daring land, the far-off sky, or even the perilous sea