Amazing Kids! Magazine

The True Monsters

By Isha Agarwal, grade 6, Massachusetts


Majestic creatures with eyes gleaming with pride,
Always spreading their wings and letting the wind guide them,
Full of mystery and meaning, wisdom and hope,
Dragons are the epitome of true greatness.

The monster in every story, misunderstood for fear,
Dragons are compared to vile creatures and utter darkness.
But if dragons are evil, then who are we?
Are we heroes? Or are we the true monsters?

Dragons may be a figment of our imagination,
Scary and evil, menacing and formidable.
But I implore you to think, for are we no different?

Do we not exploit the riches of the big ball of blue and green we call home?
Do we not invade and destroy the homes of innocent creatures?
Every day we live in fear of being annihilated by our own people.

While cruel like dragons, we can also be kind, thoughtful, and smart like them.
Dragons are really just the part of us we wish we aren’t:
We emulate dragons, both the good and the bad.

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