Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Weeping Woman Weeps

By Cate Steward, Age 13, Oregon


There is a woman, on the side of the road, who is only seen at night,
And the tale she tells, of her once great life, is told by the darkest light,
Her hair is gray, and thin, and frail,
Her skin is old, and cold, and pail,
And if you ask she’ll tell, of her father Mel, but she’ll say it with a sigh,
Of how the day they met, the last date set, was the day her father would die.

She’ll go back in time, and take you along, a twisted, winding road,
To a cold dark night, in candlelight, where away her father rode,
From the home of hers, and her mothers, where a child had just been born,
Oh how her mother had loved him so, but in two her heart was torn.

And she’ll speak of how, she lived without him, until her mother would pass,
On a journey she’ll take you, ‘cross a sea of roaring green and blue glass,
Till you come to find, that soon in time, her father she would meet,
Where sun would shine, and is fine, would she find him oh so sweet?

And as her anger swells, and small tears well, she’ll question why he left,
On horse the both ride, as he looks in her eyes, then gallops right over the cleft,
And down he’ll fall, with horse and all, but a note of love will rise,
And say to my love, as I look down above, don’t cry my dear dry your eyes,
You shan’t be overcome with sorrow, for today holds the promise of tomorrow, and though barely ever did we meet,
My love, my dear, my life, my cheer, I’ll see you in your dreams,

Then she’ll take you back to where she lies, but demand that you must leave,
And you’ll walk along the winding road, the one on which her   rode, and home you’ll go to sleep,
And it’s said today, from not far away, you’ll hear the weeping woman weep.