Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Wild

By Ethan Cook, age 9, Canada


I love the wild
it’s way beyond mild
when I`m in the wild I feel free
just like a little buzzy bee

I love the animals and plants
I love the biggest bears to the smallest ants
I love the smallest milk-weed
to the biggest sunflower seed

camping is super fun
You can walk on a hike or take a quick run
I love a good late-night talk
around the fire

oh yeah, the fire
the fire is what I desire
its always fun to admire
especially in the dark
it`s pretty from the minute we light the first spark
I love the wild
I love remembering it
I love getting away from my normal life that is so very mild
I love it way more than just a bit

I like the flowers
I could stare at them for hours
but most people just don`t care
they’re so scared of a little bear

there is a big problem
that makes me pretty sad
but I bet the animals are starting to get mad
so maybe we could stop putting so much pressure on them

people are cutting trees
its giving animals pain
Because they got nowhere to go in the rain
and it’s also sort of hurting me

we can stop it
it`ll take you and you and you and me
oh, and when we stop it
the animals will dance with glee