Amazing Kids! Magazine

There is Always a Place for You

By Hemant Dadi, 9th grade, Washington

Race day
I am missing motivation
I am first
then as I tumble
the world suddenly
I fall as
I go from first
to second to
third as I
stand with a
motivation I have
to finish
As the people
ahead of me start to
I am alone
once again in
the shadow of
the trees
as I finish
with regrets
limping all the way
I was unable to get
first, second, or third
But what
matters most was
I was
in the race and I finish
with motivation
and determination
to win next year.


  1. I enjoyed the rhythmic way you told your inspirational story. What a great idea to express it in the form of a poem.

  2. vandana /

    Nice poem!