Amazing Kids! Magazine

There Is No Limit to Dreaming

By Daniel Jarquin, age 10, California


Every night I stare at the stars
Some are close, and some are far
Whenever I stare at the moon
I make a wish to get there soon

But I’m not talking about space travel
Because that’s something that can unravel
My travels exist in the mind
Fulfilling dreams that are hard to find

My rocket is courage; my map is hard work

When I wake up, my adventure continues
Because daydreams exist in all types of venues
Classrooms, soccer fields, piano recitals
Friendships and family become so very vital

Let’s reach for the places that make us all better
We can do it alone or do it together
Eyes open or closed, simply just don’t give up
Dream to do good for the world; don’t ever stop

How about we dream even farther
Past a planet no one knows
Who knows? Maybe our dreams will grow
Then we’ll be going farther and farther
These dreams will grow and grow
These things are never low
You might think it’s a fantasy
But then you know it’s a reality