Amazing Kids! Magazine

This Infernal-Smelling Goo

By Henry Gillman, age 12, California


Of all the ways to postulate
The slimy item on my plate,
A fatal poison sounds like it rings true,
But even now I am still curious—
Though the thought makes me delirious—
What is in this infernal-smelling goo?

A pinch of arsenic, a dash of lead:
Anyone who consumes this will soon be dead.
But of course, my mom will not stop until I am fed
This infernal-smelling goo.

Every meal it is inevitable:
Mom will cook something inedible,
And she will say,
“Eat it now; it has lots of protein.”
But in reality, it just keeps me really lean.
But what’s this now? It has my knife, and it’s on the attack!
I grab my spoon and swing it true; there is no turning back!
I shall dice to pieces
This infernal-smelling goo.

Napoleon and Caesar were in their share of bouts,
But none will rival the story I will now account:
In the fiery heat of battle,
I hear expensive china rattle.
The stench is almost too much to bear,
But then I score a lucky blow, and the goo is in the air
Soaring towards who knows where.
I have brought an end to that infernal-smelling goo.

But I didn’t check to see where the goo had landed,
And my mom will not leave the battle empty-handed.
She springs into action attempting to denounce
The creative use of my food against her brand-new blouse,
And she wants to get me like a cat unto a mouse,
But to do that, she will have to chase me…
Across the entire house.

The End (I Think)