Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Alexandra Hader, age 13, Wisconsin


Thumbelina small as a thumb

Born in a flower to her mum

One night she was taken

By a frog when not awaken

She awoke on a river

with a cold summer shiver

As summer drew to an end

She found a hole which she did attend

One day she met a swallow

Which she followed and followed

That bird was unfortunately sore

Thumbelina helped him to restore

Another day a wealthy mole

Came to their cleaned hole

He heard her voice and loved it first

It was so good he had an outburst

The mole decided to marry her at once

He waited only but two months

Just as they were about to wed

Which Thumbelina did really dread

She decided to run away

With the sparrow, not a blue jay

They arrived quite grand

In a fantasyland

In flowers upon flowers were people her size

What a wonderful surprise

She was crowned their new queen

She lived there happy and serene