Amazing Kids! Magazine

Time Itself

By Emilee Cooley, age 16, Missouri


A day only feels like a minute.
The weeks in a year only feel a snippet.
Time puts everyone on a limit.
I watch the time go by and my eyes tear.
I realize that it is my biggest fear,
because there aren’t enough days in the year.

I think to myself how has it been a year?
Time flies and it only feels like a minute.
I am begging to shed a tear,
Not being able to enjoy the moment is my fear.
My childhood feels like a snippet.
I don’t want my life to reach its limit.

I hope the day doesn’t reach its limit,
because I know that it’s almost the end of the year.
When it becomes that time I’m struck with fear.
It flew by and feels like a snippet.
An hour has gone by and I thought it was only a minute.
The time goes by and I feel my eyes tear.

Good things go by too fast and I shed a tear.
I’m glad that memories do not have a limit,
even though you can really only remember a snippet.
I can remember memories only for a minute.
Time makes everything fade over the year.
As I get older time becomes my biggest fear.

Not having enough hours in a day makes me fear,
as I look back I start to tear.
The days go by when it only feels like a minute.
It feels the same with the weeks in a year.
I wish time didn’t have a limit,
so I could enjoy more of it than a snippet.

I wish time could be more than a snippet.
So I wouldn’t have to live life in fear,
and not have to worry about the end of each year.
I want to live life with no time limit.
I wish to live life without time and not always tear.
The time limit makes me live until the last minute.

Even though the minutes only feel like a snippet.
The time makes me tear and feels like there’s a limit.
I chose to ignore it each year so I won’t have to live in fear.