Amazing Kids! Magazine

To Dare

By Sarah Khan, age 16, Saudi Arabia


What a serene atmosphere…!!
Could there be such a peaceful place??
As the breeze played with my hair
Scattering it across my face
Rolling a strand around my index
I tucked it behind my ear
Doing so, I collected my disheveled thoughts
Trying to focus why my instincts fought
But no, it was impossible to concentrate
With the ‘mazing scenery to spectate
I let my mind wander away
Drinking in the scene of sun’s last ray
I ran my hand through the damp grass
Feeling the trickling sensation as the droplets passed
I leaned back a little
Watched far away city lights glitter
But astonishingly, those city lights
Cast a veil of despair as dark as murky night
I plunged again into those bitter thoughts
Struggled to dim their accusatory shouts
Vaguely, I noticed an ant by my trainer
Dragging along with it a bulky, dead caterpillar
Reluctantly, I squinted my eyes at it
As it attempted to haul its prey after it
My lips curved into a bitter sneer
As I noticed ant’s futile dare
Surely the petty creature didn’t hope to succeed
To take its dinner somewhere homey to eat
A sudden thought made me stick my leg out
Blocking the ant’s way, my mind full of doubts
Though it took it sometime to cross the barrier
It managed to trudge by my trainer
The inexplicable emotion of outrage and denial burst from within
As I straightened out my leg farther more, ignoring my inward din
But to my amazement it continued its efforts
Leaving me behind looking haggard
As the waves of realization hit me hard
And the feeling of defeat smashed me fast
A second later, pounced on my feet
Making a decision in a heartbeat
If an ant doesn’t acknowledge its failure
Then who I am to sit back and fear…