Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Katie Jyemfa Nyarko, age 7, South Africa

Birds tweet while I take my seat,

trees sway what a wonderful day!

I sketch as the bin-men fetch,

the dog barks and it’s owner will march,

mom’s wash up while 5 year olds drop cups,

Dad’s sit in front of the T.V. wondering what they will see,

babies cry and mommy will sigh,

crows glide down the slide,

we eat I get out of my seat,

tea comes no more sums!

Bedtime’s here not a tear


  1. Thank you Annabelle, and you can count on me to write another.
    ; )

  2. Thank you very much, Karen, I hope you will write something on Amazing Kids too!


  3. Annabelle Keymer /

    This is superbly written!! Keep up the great work Katie x

  4. With great wit, you’ve captured the essence of a typical day in Accra!