Amazing Kids! Magazine

Together Always

By Muskan Vedi, age 13, India


I crawled into her lap;
My tears smudged her dress,
Yet she held me.
My words flew out like arrows;
Agony debarred respect.
Lest, she summoned me “dear.”
Lies bubbled; thoughts deceived.
Explanations failed; identity was merely a cheat.
She called it a mistake.
The world had ditched me, turned up its back.
Alone in the vast glen I leapt.
But in her I found refuge.
The tender hands that nourished,
The sweet voice that called,
The sharp tone that obstructed,
The benign that befriend all.
For you I shall lay down any sword,
For the love that you bestowed.
Please promise you’d be there with me.
Be my mother, forevermore.

A tribute to all the mothers who work selflessly for our happiness.