Amazing Kids! Magazine

Tribute to Anne Frank

By Abby Black


In a world of black,
She was the white.
A young, brilliant girl,
Shining bright.
Cooped up in an attic for years on end,
Longing to see her pet or a friend.
The sunshine to the storm,
The warmth in the cold,
Through the rigid war, her love she still holds.
Her positivity outshines all the darkness,
And sadness, and fear.
In the midst of tragedy,
Her diary she holds near.
She writes down her hopes,
Her future, her tears.
Staring out of her tiny window,
Listening with her little ears.
The day they came,
She surrendered with grace.
And by the end of it all,
Tears rolled down her face
Anne Frank our hero,
Anne Frank our friend,
We will honor your memory until the very end.