Amazing Kids! Magazine

True Friendship

By Geetika Ahuja, age 16, New Delhi, India

Friends are the most precious gifts on Earth,

Without them life would not have its worth.

True friends will never dessert you,

Bad times or good times – they will always stand by you.

Good friends will accept you the way you are,

They will not laugh at you or your any scar.

Better lose your life than friends,

Life returns when this life ends.

To help you friends will go out of their way,

Of your success they will never be jay.

To not give your friends due attention and time,

Is nothing less than a crime.

Through thick and thin they will be by your side,

When relationships end they will provide you a place to confide.

Life is not as easy as it seems,

You will have many accomplished dreams.

But with friends life is like a joyride,

Every moment spent with them fills your heart with pride.

Life is not about giving and taking,

It’s about much more,

Staying in the company of friends will give you happiness galore.