Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Cathy Yan, Age 13, Canada


The rhythm begins, a steady staccato
Matching the beat of your heart
The spotlight is on you now.

Your feet begin to tap in time to the sound
And everything melts away.
At first you’re unsure,
Like a brand new butterfly in shaking wings
But as the music grows, you grow too.

Dance, my darling, to the rhythm deep inside
Spread your beautiful wings and let yourself take flight
Clean up your broke dreams
You don’t have to hide no more

The world is waiting
And only you can please them.

Dance, my darling, like there’s no tomorrow
There’s no room for sorrow
In this life or the next

And finally,
The music slows down and finally stops
The room is quiet, no sound to be heard
Clap, clap, those two sounds
Unleash an unearthly noise of congratulations.

Walk off, only gravity holding you down
Yet you’re feeling forgettable
Like just another girl wanting the glass slipper, only to have it break into shards at her feet

But you remember the dance
The beautiful, intoxicating dance
Making you feel alive and a creature worthy of admiration
And that is when you know
That you’ll be remembered forever.

Dance, my darling, feel the beat inside yourself
Because you’re not just another girl and the slipper won’t shatter
For tonight is your night
And you’re anything but forgettable.