Amazing Kids! Magazine

Unleash Your Creative Spirit

By Aiza, age 13, Saudi Arabia


Let your imaginations soar
When you’re feeling bored.
Grab a pen to scribble your ideas that have lit
In your mind, and then unleash your creative spirit.
Express yourself on the paper by writing:
No better way to release your anger after fighting
Or express your joy.
When I am writing, a lot I enjoy.
Writing is a part of me;
It gives me everlasting glee.
It gives me a chance to share
My ideas about which I care
With anyone who wants to read.
Writing means sowing a seed
That grows into a wonderful tree with fruit.
Fruit is the glory of appreciation; it’s truly absolute.
Writing is like my portal
To the world that is free of mortals.
There I can express myself,
So always write to express yourself.