Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Sarah Khan, Age 16, Pakistan


The dim hazy eyes
Utterly devoid of vice
Sunk into the wrinkled folds
His skin resembling molten gold
His torso now frail and meager
Was once a respectable gentlemanly figure
Rocking to and fro in an armchair
Clutching his stick like a drunk clinging to a beer
His hazel eyes fixed on the doorway
Craning his neck now and then to see in the feeble sunrays
The faint footsteps could be heard nearing
Got the old man stimulating and thrilling
But like any other evening
The warden came frowning
Ushered him inside
Not needing much might
The old man led to his bed
Rested there, not even a tear to shed
The endless waiting for his noble son
Tired him in a way that fifty years of service couldn’t get it done
Now the endless ticks of clock
Nearing him to his death was not a shock…

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  1. Haylee /

    This is amazing.