Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Rosemary, age 15, India


I see the ruins in their eyes,
The tears waiting to be sprouted out
Because all they had once is gone.
Nothing but the sand and dust remains:
The waves swept it away.
The waves of terrorism sweep people’s hearts to darkness.
Ask the children now,
“What is war?”
“Bloodshed, tears, and pain.”
Ask them what they want.
“To play and be free again.”
What do they gain from people’s sadness?
The sadists only want the world for themselves.
There was a time when green forests thrived,
But when told to the youngsters these days,
All they think and know is,
“That is all a fantasy. And will always remain one.”
There is no peace, no happiness,
And yet in the midst of war and rage,
Fire and fumes,
Hatred and horror,
There is hope entrapped in a small bud,
Waiting that someday someone will make it bloom.