Amazing Kids! Magazine

What If?

By Betsy Jenifer, age 16, India


What if the mountains were rosy and the oceans ran red?
What if clouds could shine like stars instead?
What if wildflowers could sing?

And the bees couldn’t sting?
What if the lion, after all, weren’t the big king?

What if the Earth by itself could heal?
What if frozen lakes glinted lavender and not teal?
What if forests could talk?
And the rocks could walk
And defend Mother Nature
Whenever she’s in danger?

What if rainbows weren’t of just seven hues?
What if the coincidence of the world isn’t true?
What if there are still more ways
To stop everything from depleting away?

What if snowflakes turned bloody under starlight?
Even then, wouldn’t we realize
That this Earth of ours is in terrible pain?
She has given too much just for our gain.

What if birds of green pastures
Could fly up to Heaven on a new adventure
And tell God to do something quickly,
Or soon dogs won’t have water to lick?

What if one person can change the world?
Would you still call me absurd?