Amazing Kids! Magazine

What Is a Friend for?

By Emily Cheung, Contributing writer


Meeting for the first time and grinning at each other nervously
with large gap-toothed smiles, but soon eagerly introducing ourselves
to one another on the first day of kindergarten,
Petty gibberish-filled feuds over jagged broken crayons,
deep blues and dark green wax smeared on smooth skin,
Curling up, back to back, hair fanned out, on the rough carpet for naptime,
Scraping a knee, but glancing up and seeing a hand reaching out,
and taking the other’s hands without a moment’s hesitation.
Posing at the beach with our slanted sunglasses clumsily hanging off our ears,
squinting in the bright sunlight with crooked smiles,
Attempting to bake golden cookies just like the ones on the box,
but bursting out laughing at our deformed, squashed lumps of cookie dough,
Giggling until our cheeks ache and jaws cramp from silly inside jokes,
hunched over, chests heaving with laughter, stomachs clenching,
and having to muffle our loud snorts in public.
Soothingly patting each other’s backs, each trying to
cheer up the other, replacing frowns with smiles,
Knowing our secrets are safe in each other’s hands,
mouths locked tight like safes, complete with miming throwing the keys away,
Being able to talk and understand one another without the harsh shame of judgment,
Falling painfully, but reassured in knowing that there will always be an
outstretched hand to help the other up, just like in our kindergarten days.