Amazing Kids! Magazine

What Is Love?

By Paris Johnson, age 16, Florida


This is Ivy the Squirrel. Ivy lives with her mommy and daddy, way up high in the highest tree. Ivy loves to jump from branch to branch and feel the wind in her fur.
One morning, she saw her mommy sitting on her favorite branch, so Ivy went and sat with her.
“Mommy, what is love?” Ivy asked.
“Love, my dear, is something—something that you cannot define. Love is gentle, and love is kind,” said Ivy’s mother.
“Love is when Daddy holds your hand while you walk down the street;
Love is the way your baby brother looks up at me.
Love is why Mr. Mouse built his house.
It’s what makes the frogs ribbit and bounce.
Love isn’t something you can make from wood or a tree;
Love is something shared between you and me.”
“Love is such a beautiful thing,” Ivy said with a smile.