Amazing Kids! Magazine

When God Speaks

By Victoria K., Nonfiction Editor


When God speaks—
Lightning strikes.
When God speaks—
Thunder rolls.
When God speaks—
The floods lift their eyes,
And the hills rejoice together.

He stirs the sea with a rod.
The waves roar, “He is our God!”
Captain of the angel armies.

When God speaks—
Fire parts.
When God speaks—
Sand rises.
When God speaks—
Heaven trembles.

He clothes the heavens with blackness;
Their ornament is sackcloth.
The clouds vanish like smoke;
He awakens the sun by day
And directs the steps of the moon;
The whole earth rests
In the palm of His hand
Covered with the shadow of His wing.

The Lord God is in His holy temple;
All creation keeps silence before Him.
His righteousness will last forever;
His salvation will never fail.