Amazing Kids! Magazine

When I

By Christina Monroe, age 18, Ohio


When I jump, I jump to touch the sky;
When I jump, I grow wings and race the wind;
When I sit, I sit as a queen
With a smile on my lips
And my head held up high.
When I see birds chirping,
I don’t just hear them sing:
I sing with them.
I join in their sweet song
No matter how I sound;
I participate because I can,
Because I have a voice
No matter how small it is.
I can use it
To sing,
To take a stand,
To praise,
To protest.
When I see that schoolgirl run,
I watch her heels kicking up dust and see her backpack transform
Into a brilliantly bright jetpack fueled with knowledge that will take her someplace,
Whether that is home, Harvard, or Hogwarts.
She is going places
No matter what anyone says,
And she has the fiery spirit to prove it.
You may just see a girl jumping in the air
Or singing off key with a flock of birds
Or sitting on a park bench with her umbrella held like a scepter
Or a girl furiously running just to arrive at school on time,
But I see more,
So much more.