Amazing Kids! Magazine

When the Seasons Change

By Kylee Savage, Age 14, Michigan


The autumn leaves,
Changing colors.
Like burning red,
Golden yellow,
Or vibrant orange.
Crisp, delightful, and warm
Slowly seeping away,
Leaving the trees dead.
Air dries like a desert,
Birds leave for the south.
Now prepared for winter to come.
First falling snow of the season,
Every unique little flake,
White and soft,
Whimsically dancing in the air.
When winter comes to a closing,
Spring takes its place.
Bright colors spreads,
Covering land in a blanket.
Life booming again.
Temperature starts rising,
The sun dowsing life,
In endless warmth.
Adolescents are now out of school;
Summer vacation.
Free time filled with fun.
Summer time,
Now coming to an end.
The seasons on replay,
And Summer.
New time,
New life,
New beginning,
When the seasons change.