Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Isabella Harris


When did it become okay
When was it alright
For people to betray
And not give others the chance to fight
While some are just learning
Their lives are being taken away
So I am sitting here, head churning
It’s almost like students are prey
We, the people, have an issue
I’m used to hearing it on the news
Now I don’t even need a tissue
I don’t know which shooting I should choose
I’m only a teenager
This is the world I’ve grown up in
Oh and this is something major
When are we going to change this, when?
I pray before school
That it doesn’t happen today
I don’t understand how people can be so cruel
They are taking lives away
Schools shouldn’t be shooting ranges
And killing people shouldn’t be the goal
We need to make some changes
When are we going to take control
I am beyond mad and upset
That our country let it get this far
This problem is a big threat
And people are pushing it below the bar
I shouldn’t have a fear to go to school
But with everything that has occurred
I don’t feel like a fool
All of the shootings have blurred
They start to mean nothing
What has come of this world