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Where Are You Hiding?

By Divya Dharmakeerthie, Age 14, Sri Lanka


Where are you hiding?
I know I called you in.
You might be starving!
Where are you hiding?

It is about time
That you come back inside
Or are you lost?
Or simply hiding.

Is it my fault?
Oh! If it is that….
I think I was wrong!
I’ll give you the bone.
I’ll give you my shoe.
So you can chew chew chew

Where are you hiding?
Perhaps you’re scared
Is it raining hard?
A feverish chill?

Are you hiding behind a bin?
I think..
I shouldn’t have let you go!

Where are you hiding?
You’re playing tricks with me!
So this is just a game?
I don’t want to play!
You naughty little dog
Come back inside.
I’m tired of searching for you!

Where are you hiding?
It’s been an hour!
I’ll give you the bone!


One comment

  1. Hi Divya Akki

    Nice creation! I like it much.Keep it up!!