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Why They Name Rivers After Gods in India

By Annasofia Padua, 15, Florida


The bamboo stood tall around the edges,
As if it was hiding the river,
Because no paradise sits in plain view.

There was a strong tint of blue in the water,
But you could still see if a grain of sand moved below you,
Which made no sense in the best way possible.

I envied the rocks
Because of the way the water flowed,
Caressing them
Like a soothing whisper.

They gave me goose bumps,
The kind that start in your spine
And not in your arms.

The feeling I got as I swam is the thing I remember the most:
Like I was in heaven.
I felt grateful.

It was as refreshing as the compliment from a child.
Being there felt like apologizing,
And it was then that I understood why they name rivers after gods in India.