Amazing Kids! Magazine

Wild and Wacky Jobs

by Keith Smith, age 13, Florida

Most people set their alarm at night,

And wake up each bright and sunny dawn.

However, my alarm goes off in the twilight –

For that is when I’m gone.

My job involves the nighttime,

Which I use to prove my stealth.

After all, what else helps to fight crime?

The nighttime will save my good health.

I work to help the society,

Those that live in the same town as me –

And free the people from all their anxiety,

To help everyone that’s life is in need.

My job ends when the rooster crows,

And signals the beginning of morning –

For with the sun my sneakiness goes,

Now the criminal will get a forewarning.

As a cop, I work for my nation,

Loyal and committed I stand –

To fight crime in every location,

Justice is all I demand.