Amazing Kids! Magazine

Wiley’s (Burden) Privilege

By Natalie Chen, age 12, Maryland


My dog has a burden
Behind his chocolate brown eyes filled with love
The happy wag of his tail when I walk through the door
The natural bounce of his white curls after a brushing

Behind those eyes is innocence
Ignorance of what’s really important
Of religion, politics, and feelings
And a brain that cannot comprehend hate

His tail wags at you
Even if you are the worst person
His tail will wag at anyone
Even if he or she is a monster

His curls are a part of him
That he cannot control
Gets shaved against his will
With no say in the change

But the innocence in his eyes will protect him
From danger, hate, and violence
And not understanding something bad
Will ensure his happiness in life

The happy wag of his tail
Shows persistence of hope
He will forever be happy
Until the end of his days

The curls that come after a brushing
He doesn’t care about
His days are without worry
With no regard to his appearance

My dog has a burden
His days are numbered
But being a happy, frozen image
Can also be his privilege