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Written by Anonymous

A whisper in the darkest night
As soft as soft can be
A gentle coolness in the day
How nice is he to me!

The power of the sailing ships
The ruler of the sea
The mighty waves belong to him
The keeper of the key

With brutal force and ruthless grip
He rips the roofs off homes
He smashes every tree in sight
He kills the garden gnomes

How gentle in the summer months
How icy in the cold
He’s Mister Changeabout, you see
The wind is in control


  1. Olivia Massey /

    I love it!!! God is truly amazing. I thank him everyday, as cold as it may be, for the wind.

  2. Amanda /

    Great Job! A beautifully written poem. Isn’t it amazing how our Creator can make the wind flutter with the tip of His fingers? Oh, how awesome and powerful the winds can be. Again, great job! ^.^