Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Joanna Rosas, 15, California


She was by the age of five years old.
Her favorite pastime was being in her magical palace, as she called it.
Her playroom, perhaps?
No, a garden consisting of beautiful creatures:
She believed they illuminated happiness and beauty.
As the magnificent creature spread its wings,
Her eyes beamed with delight.
The child yearns to have the same abilities as this creature and fly up high in the sky;
She believes wings will give her a special place in life.
Why must she think that way?
Years flew, and she is now 15,
Her definition of beauty renewed.
Those “wings” that will give her a place in life,
Those butterfly wings,
Now went across her eyelids.
She believed they would make her beautiful,
Just like the butterflies in her garden.
Why must she think that?
Do not compare yourself,
Silly Girl;
You mustn’t need wings.
They are both beautiful
From the interior and the exterior.


  1. Joanna Rosas /

    Hello I am the author of this poem ! Excuse the late response . wow I’m so happy you guys liked it ! Thank you

  2. Alyssa /

    I love your poetry on wings I thot I was good I like how you put beautiful in your Wendi’s.

  3. karina /

    i like the end because she realized that both her and the butterfly were beautiful