Amazing Kids! Magazine


by Irina Bucur, age 11, Pennsylvania

When I came back,
To the cottage,
Someone was sitting
By the gate,
It was a dog,
Skinny, starved, sorrowful,
I fed him chicken bones,
Bread, and milk,
His eyes glittered thankfully,
When I brought the food,
And ate all,
Even the crumbs,
He sat again,
And I gave him more,
He cocked his head side to side,
As if to say “thank you”,
And crawled under our car,
He was loyal and beautiful,
But he was a stray dog,
“You are beautiful,” I said,
He smiled and looked me
In the eye,
“I will name you Winner,”
And he straightened,
“You have won my trust.”
When I left,
Winner stopped wagging his tail,
He howled,
And my heart trembled,
But in my soul,
He was always,
Is always,
My pet