Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Romila Santra, age 14, Kansas


Words, words, WORDS!
All jumbled up inside.
Some simple:
Fish, banana, slide.
Others confusing:
Hope, fear, hurt.

I can touch a fish, a banana, or a slide.
So what is the need for words like hope?
What exactly is hope?
It certainly isn’t tangible.
Have you ever seen something labeled “hope” on a can in the market?
Just thinking about it makes my mind spin.

Words are simply too confusing.
Things that are tangible are understandable.
There is obviously no need for words like hope, fear, and hurt.
So why?

My teacher says they are expressive words.
They express people’s feelings.

Another word I do not like.
The world would be simpler if there were no emotions,
No feelings,
Just things.