Amazing Kids! Magazine

You Should Try It, Swing

By Elizabeth Lee, Age 8, New York


You should try it
we stopped at the playground
right after ballet class
There were these monkey bars
you have to swing to get from one to another
they move
My mom said you should try it
to get your hands stronger
your grip
but I don’t like being up that high
if I go on the monkey bars
I like being closer to the ground
You can do it, Swing,
my mom told me to swing really hard
If you want to get to the other handle
you have to swing really hard
I like the monkey bars down low
but sometimes even the monkey bars down low
don’t make me feel that comfortable
I don’t like skipping bars
or doing them backwards
but sometimes it feels good to be high up
if you don’t actually look down.
so that’s what it feels like to be on the monkey bars
My best friend can skip bars
she can do it backwards
My other friend she tried skipping to the third bar
but she fell on the ground
and got hurt
What scared me even more,
I fell when doing the monkey bars
and that got me thinking about if I could fall
really bad
and it would hurt a lot
So I don’t like some monkey bars
but I like others.
At school, there are monkey bars that I feel comfortable with
but it’s very busy during that time
I’m not the most comfortable with a lot of people around

I’m not comfortable with roller coasters,
even the tiniest bump,
I’m also not that comfortable with rock climbing

some rocks look so high
you have to be able to trust
and not touch
your four limbs
and I just can’t really do that that well

Roller coasters aren’t helping you work on anything
not strength,
not grip,
not agility.

I like to climb,
I can already climb fences,
I already have the strength to pull myself up,
I already have enough strength to force me up.
no one should force me.

With monkey bars,
no one should force me,
because there is other ways to improve your grip