Amazing Kids! Magazine

A Door to the New World

By Shreya Sharath, age 10, New York


I’ll never forget the last time I saw my best friend Laya. It was last summer when I was 9, at her small house, around 7:00 p.m. We were meeting Laya and her older sister Siya for their last day in America because they were moving to India. As I walked through the front door, relieved to see them, I could see Laya and Siya jumping all around me. I wondered if they would ever let me come in. but when I finally did come in, I could see a big wet tear rolling quickly down Laya’s dry face. I could see that she was sad that she wasn’t going to see me in a long time.

Then when I went to sit down for a scrumptious dinner, I started to think about all those fun times we had together. I still remember this time when I was 8, we were in her house playing shop. Siya, Laya, and I would each take a corner of her living room and change it so quickly it was like magic. I usually would be the librarian. Laya would be the toy store. And Siya would be selling things for a house.

Sometimes Suraksha would come over. Suraksha, Siya, Laya, and I were almost inseparable back then.

I loved how all four of us would have a sleepover at my house, and make up juicy poems about each other. We all would stay up so late, and never fulfill our challenge, staying up for the whole night. Sometimes we would giggle so much that my mom would get mad and tell us to go to sleep.

One time when I was 6, me and Laya were doing the science fair together, and changing the plain white board into a colorful rainbow. It looked beautiful. I still remember that day when I asked her if she would always stay in America. She told me that she was not sure. I asked her if I could go forward in time to see if they were still here. But she told me that life should be a surprise. Life is best when it is kept secret and also you cannot do that. We laughed a lot that day!

And just as those thoughts were flowing through my head, I heard a high, loud ring. That ring was the doorbell. Suraksha opened the door and came in. We all ran to hug her. While we were hugging them, I felt this cold feeling. It was a sad feeling. I started to think about what it would be like, not being able to hug Siya and Laya again in years.

After that we all decided to take a picture. We were all facing in a circle, our heads were facing in. But we kept on laughing, so we never got even one photo correct.

But once I was about to leave, I gave them a big warm hug just like last time. The only difference was that I was sobbing. Wet tears were rolling down my tender cheeks so fast. But I definitely knew that I would see them again.

I’ll never forget my loving and caring friend Laya. She is the sun of my day and she lifts me up when I am down. She is the paint brush of my life that paints my beautiful rainbow with the colors of the world.  Memories will make you feel better when a friend is gone.