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A Horrible Gasp

By Astrid Hickman, age 9, Australia


Once I met a boy called Jack, he was in my class. I introduced myself, and then he introduced himself. I had enough money to get him a peppermint flavored ice cream and one for myself. When we were going to sit down at the eating area, I tripped over a rock and splattered the ice cream all over him. I was so worried if he would shout at me but he just said, “Its ok Astrid, I can clean it off with a wet paper towel.” Just as we thought it was going to be ok, a teacher came up to us and said, “Well well well, what do we have here?!” And I just mixed my words up and I made a total fool of myself of how I spoke to the teacher. I was embarrassed with what I have done to Jack’s Polo top and I was worried if Jack’s mum would shout at me. When I got home, I sat down and started sulking because I had a very weird day. Then Jack came over to my house with his mum and his mum said, “Astrid, I don’t mind if you splattered peppermint over Jack’s Polo Top, as long as it won’t stain.” My mum came into that room as soon as we had stopped the conversation about the top and mum said, “Well what was that conversation about? We better not have trouble in this house.” And I just said, “Nothing happened Mum!”

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    I liked your story it was very good