Amazing Kids! Magazine

A Memorable Doll

By Angela Vargas, age 11, California


Although it was quite a hot day, it didn’t stop Aiden, the richest boy in town, from going to the toy store. It was rather strange that he went the opposite direction of the toy store and instead, headed towards the doll maker. Some say his dolls were made of human skin and real human eyes, when really, they were just porcelain dolls.

He stepped inside the doll maker’s store where it smelled like cherries for some strange reason.

“Have you made my doll?”

Although Aiden stood there waiting impatiently for an answer, there was no response.

Instead, Aiden looked around the place, dolls on every shelf. The walls were made of dark red oak wood and the floor was a very light brown, almost as if it were chocolate milk. There were two windows in the front of the store. Dolls were displayed into small chairs. Ah, a tea party! How fantastic! There really was not much to look at until a door swung wide open.

“You never asked for such thing,” the man exclaimed ever so lightly.

“I want my doll!”

Aiden whined so much that almost the entire planet could hear; maybe even aliens could hear him.

“Fine, but…You may want to look around because I have no doll waiting for you, young man.”


So, Aiden began his hunt for the perfect doll. Although there were many gorgeous dolls, he wanted his to be perfect.  A doll caught Aiden’s eyes.  Although the doll may have been fake and all, this one seemed very detailed. The doll looked as if it were a real child. The doll had blue hair, purple eyes and very pale skin. It almost could’ve been snow. Its outfit was what looked like purple overalls; fancy ones in fact. It had black boots with turquoise bows with chains on the sides of every button. The doll was fascinating. Every detail was just so realistic; it was just like a real child.

“Do you like this one?” The doll maker said.

“It’s very lovely. I love it. Now give it to me,”

“It’s not an it. It’s Alexander.”

A few hours later, the doll was finally Aiden’s. The doll was his to keep. They walked home rather quietly because of course, Alexander was a doll.

Aiden grabbed some keys from under the mat, and unlocked the door. They headed towards Aiden’s room up some stairs. When they got there it revealed a light blue wallpaper and a brown polished wood floor. His room was a pirate theme. For an eleven-year-old boy, it was quite strange.

“Alright Alexander, you stay seated while I get something to drink.”

Aiden walked out of the room and headed down the stairs.

All of a sudden, Alexander awoke and got up from where he had stayed. He was pleased that he hadn’t gotten dirty yet.

“Hmm, I’m shocked he hasn’t gotten any speck of mud on me,”

“You look very real sir,” another doll from a shelf said.

“Why thank you,” Alexander replied. He looked around the place before a door slammed right open.

“I am back, my dollies!”

All the dolls stood there without a word. Aiden looked very shocked. His dolls were alive for goodness sake.


Aiden jumped back, his eyes wide open. His eyes were full of fear and he looked as if he was about to cry out for help. Although he was alone, he must’ve had a servant around to hear him.

“Not another word,” Alexander said.

Aiden shut his mouth immediately. His eyes calmed down as he slid from the wall onto the floor. He put his hands behind his back as if to grab something. He felt something behind him reach up on his shoulder. Aiden froze like a statue, staying on pose. He turned around and ran, but his jacket got stuck on his coat hanger. He could no longer move.

“What do you want?” Aiden asked Alexander.

“You have too many dolls. You need to let us go Aiden. You have to understand that one day you are going to grow up and leave your dolls there for nothing.”

“But you guys are my d-dolls.”

Alexander sighed thinking about what he should do. Should he give his dolls to the poor, or should he give keep his dolls and forever be greedy?

“Aiden, just understand that you are getting too old for dolls.”

“This must be a dream, right?”

Aiden looked down at Alexander. His eyes told him that he was not dreaming. He nodded his head and got up to gather all his dolls. “I truly understand, I promise to be a better person,” said Aiden.

Alexander nodded and then smiled as Aiden started to pick up his dolls and shove them into nearby bags. He happily jumped in to the last bag on his own with a short salute to Aiden. Aiden walked a few blocks until he saw what he had ignored for several years – a children’s hospital. He charged through the entrance, the bags thrown over his back.

During the walk home Aiden had pep in his step. He knew it was not only because he no longer carried the bags, but he looked forward to the next portion of his life. Going into his room, he collapsed on his bed and quickly fell asleep from the work of the day.

A few hours later, Aiden jolted up from his bed. He looked around and all his dolls were gone, but one. Alexander stood there on a chair with a note on his lap.

Alexander went over to the note and grabbed it.

Nice job Aiden, now all the kids have dolls to play and enjoy. You have me now as a reminder of what you did.

Aiden smiled softly as he looked at the note. He knew he did the right thing, and now every child is happy. Although all his 144 dolls were gone, he was glad he changed into a better person all thanks to Alexander. Although he thought it was a dream, he knew that it all happened then and there.

It was real life and he knew it.