Amazing Kids! Magazine

A Mistake Part 1

By Sarah Khan, Age 16, Saudi Arabia


It was a balmy evening, clouds covered the blue sky and the warm sun and I was strolling in my back yard, every now and then throwing a glance at the wooden door. The tree at the extreme corner was losing its yellow, wispy leaves every time the wind blew hard, scattering all over the yard. I stood stock still for a moment and watched the tussle between two sparrows over a worm dully and then continued my stroll. I halted once more and ran my fingers through my hair without knowing and tried to remember the events of the day.

I could hear Mom calling me distantly for the tea but I ignored her. My mind was flooding with various images and thoughts. My brain was seething and a mingled feeling of shame and embarrassment prickled through me and I began my walk at much sharp pace again. I couldn’t stand walking there alone accompanied with bitter thoughts so I strode across the yard, wrenched open the wooden door and stepped out in cool breeze.

I began walking by the street with my head down, unwillingly thinking about the very same thing I wanted to forget when a shout went through the serene and quiet atmosphere, making me to come out of my reverie. I turned around instantly and found Max Thompson striding towards me. A grin slowly spread across my face as I jogged towards him. He was as shaggy as ever, not that he was poor but he was really a reckless fellow. I could almost remember him calling me a doll when I used to be well groomed by my mother in second grade. His auburn hair was stuck to one side and he was wearing baggy shirt and trousers as usual. He was my neighbor and unfortunately a friend of mine.

“What’s up kiddo? Again secluding from us? I knew I must find you here. They told me everything.”

Apparently he meant a special group in my class as “they” who always loved to gossip around. I must have made a face for he laughed aloud.

“Ok! Let’s not talk about it.” I shifted uncomfortably on my feet. It was really weird. One moment ago I couldn’t stand being alone and now when Max was here I wanted to be left alone. This was something that often happens to me.

“Look Max! I don’t want to be rude but I’ll like some peace and a few quiet hours of solitude,” I said with a trace of impatience in my voice. His face looked slightly crestfallen as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Sure, right then, be happy with your solitude. I thought you would like some company.” and he gave one of his goofy smiles.

I was really started to get annoyed and I replied shortly, “You thought wrong.” and turning my back to him, I dashed back to my house, leaving him utterly shocked. I know he must be really surprised, me talking to him like that. Because I was hardly ever rude but this recent incident has freaked me out, it wasn’t exactly my fault. I climbed the stairs to my bedroom as quietly as possible. I glanced around, no sign of mum and I was grateful. I reached my bedroom and flung myself on my bed with my shoes on as soon as the door was closed behind me. I laid spread eagled on my bed, gazed for a moment or two at the ceiling. Then I closed my eyes.

As soon as they were closed the razor sharp image of today’s morning came before my eyes. I was so happy this morning because there was a history test today for which I was fully prepared, as fully as possible. Some people may say that what the point is being happy for such a trifle and insignificant thing. But I must say that a girl like me finds her merriment and joy in her studies. It may sound weird to someone but it’s the truth. So I reached school, dumped my bag at my desk. I wasn’t surprised to find few of my classmates reading and rereading their notes, learning various facts and figures and some chewing their thumbs, looking nervous. And well some were chatting, and were relaxed and bold. Those are the black sheep of my class. I never liked them.

The bell rang, announcing the arrival of Miss Reed, the history teacher.  Miss Reed was a strict teacher; she had austere brown eyes and a lined, wizened face. Her hair was always tucked into a bun and her plastic rimmed glasses were always perched on her nose. As soon as she stepped in the class, she ordered us to settle down as usual of course and told us that the marks of this test would be included in our final result. That broke tumult through the class, even the bad students were looking troubled now and were trying to hide it without any result, and I was smiling, I was actually exploding with excitement. What a great opportunity it was to ensure fine marks in my result! When the test papers were handed out, I gave a quick look at mine and was assured. I knew the answers to each question correctly. I bent down over my paper and began scribbling. There were of course few nudging for help from my neighbor but I ignored it. I hated cheating.

Miss Reed was patrolling between the desks; she stopped before mine and said, “Miss Green, what’s that sticking out of your pocket?”

“What?” I replied without looking up, if I had looked up, I would have realized the gravity of the situation but I was in a hurry to complete my questions as fast as possible so I could have some time to check my answers before the end of test.

“I am talking to you Miss Green.” her voice boomed in the classroom, and the occasional rustling of pages died away instantly. I looked up in her face which was gazing sternly back at me. I blinked…


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