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A Mistake (Part 3)

By Sarah Khan, Age 16, Saudi Arabia



“Hi” she greeted me warmly.

I smiled back at her.

“Um, I am sorry; I couldn’t come to you yesterday. I was kinda busy and I thought it would be best to leave you alone for some time.” She said as gently as possible and took my hand.

I felt her pressure as she squeezed my hand and my eyes watered again.

“Oh! I am sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you” she exclaimed as she rummaged in her pocket for a tissue. She handed me one and I dabbed my eyes at it and replied thickly, “No, it’s okay. It’s so nice of you but I feel very awful. I have been crying all night about it.”

“Oho, poor girl. Lets walk.” she said sympathetically.

I told her everything from beginning to end including my conversation with Andrea as we walked down the road to the school. She was furious when she heard it and said, “That devil! I always suspected her!

“Of course that makes sense now. She was gloating when you were caught and she was the one who found that paper under your desk.” She lowered her voice to a furious whisper for we had reached the school. Just then, bell rang and everyone hanging around dashed towards the school building.

I sighed aloud as I looked towards the school which was looking a torture cell to me, “Goodness knows what day I am going to have.”

“Don’t worry. Everything’s going to be fine,” Rose assured me as she jogged away. I followed her with a huge weight in my stomach.

When I entered the class, I became the centre of everyone’s attention. Some were nudging their partners and whispering in each other’s ears, occasionally letting out a roar of laughter. My mouth became dry but I ignored it and proceeded towards my seat. As I sat, I caught a glimpse of Andrea. She was smirking at me. On noticing my attention she gave me a rude gesture. I turned my back to her, facing the white board, shaking with anger.

I attended my all lessons and nothing was going so bad except the teachers kept reminding that cheating is strongly discouraged and prohibited in our school. Except Miss Bell, our science teacher she was particularly nice to me since I joined this school. She pulled me away from the class on the pretext of checking my work. We had a little talk. I told her exactly what had happened but I didn’t mention the person that caused it to happen though she asked me but I ignored. I didn’t think that handing Andrea to a teacher would be fair enough. I wanted to deal with her directly.

Miss Bell was very nice to me and she consoled me. She was of course convinced of my innocence. I felt an enormous rush of gratitude at her words. The day was going fairly well. Pupils kept staring at me, whispering to each other at recess but I was getting used to it. Some were throwing snide remarks at me during passing, through corridors. But at those moments, I felt relieved and grateful at Rose’s attitude. The way she was tackling the situation was remarkable. She kept her head high, ignoring others and she was as bold as brass. She stuck with me all day long, supporting me. Before the end of day, I was quite cheerful. I was smiling to myself as I put my thing away in my locker.

I remembered Rose retorting a girl sarcastically, who was jeering at me. That wiped the smile from her face instantly and her face reddened with shame and humiliation as passer bys laughed aloud at her. As soon as I reached home, I went to the backyard to meet Gage. Gage is not the name of a girl. She is my pet parrot. I had been ignoring her since yesterday. I saw the pile of bird seeds stacked before her. Apparently Mom had left those for her. But I didn’t look like she has eaten much. I patted her head and offered her some pear. She pecked at it. I returned to my room, assured. I spent afternoon doing my homework, I even went for a short walk at evening. The next few days were pretty good. Everything was getting back to normal.

Well, except Andrea, who kept giving sarcastic comments and cracking jokes whenever I was having a good time with my friends. But I noticed that her comments were so well heard and repeated, that they were no longer hilarious. And her jokes were falling flat. That elated my spirits. The very last thing that kept reminding me of that happening was my going to school on Saturdays and Sundays.

It was difficult to manage as I had to make excuses for Mom. Dad was no problem as he was hardly ever in Tucson. He keeps going to various cities on business trips. The very best thing I like about his trips that he always returns with loads of gifts for me. He is very nice but due to his busy schedule he can barely care for my studies. So I had to assure Mom. I told her I had to go for my science project. It was a lame excuse but it worked well, at least for a month. After that she was getting suspicious and unconvinced. So I fabricated the story of going to Rose’s place for combined studies for a month. That’s how my worst days were going away but Andrea’s were drawing nearer. I resolved to pay back her nastily and give her a hard lesson. But as I wasn’t a nasty person, it was really hard to think of nasty things.

Rose was good at it and I think Max can be a good teacher too. I think I ought to take lessons from them. Whatever problems I was going to face, I was determined to get her back if it was the last thing I could do.  My punishments were over soon and I was very cheerful when I met Miss Reed last Sunday, hoping that it would be the last time to meet her on weekend.

On Tuesday, I got the very desire of my heart. The collision with Andrea Carson! That morning before the beginning of first lesson, when everyone was hastening towards his seat, she bumped into me deliberately. I was firm on my feet and didn’t budge. Instead that bump sent her tumbling away in a girl who was taking out her textbook from her bag dropped it, uttering a bunch of swear words. Andrea disengaged herself from her, looking aghast. I was thrilled and took the full advantage of the situation by sneering at her aloud

“You’d better wear glasses from now on”. The burst of laughter erupted within the classroom as Andrea drew herself to the full height.

I stalked away, leaving her in a state of extreme anger and humiliation. I was jubilated. Rose gave me thumbs up as I seated myself on my desk. That was just the beginning. I thought as I watched Mr. Kirke scribbling sums on the white board. It took me days to think of a plan but finally I came up with a good one.   On the morning of Tuesday, I roused up unnaturally very early. After changing into a T shirt and black pair of jeans, I dashed downstairs to have breakfast. Mum was of course surprised to see me up so early, she squinted her blue eyes at me as though trying to read my mind. I avoided her gaze as I pulled a carton of pineapple juice from the refrigerator. I had a funny guilty feeling at the pit of my stomach. I pictured Mum’s face if I were caught red-handed.

No! I scolded myself; this is not the time to think rubbish like that. It’s time to do it, to do something so as to pay Andrea back. I drained a glass of juice and shoveled some mouthfuls of porridge with difficulty, hardly aware of what I was eating as I continued to ponder over my plan. I kissed Mum good bye and sprinted away. But when I was on the doorway, I don’t know what made me stop and turn around.

I called her,” Hey Mum, Err…… If Dad calls today, tell him from me that I miss him and err…. please request him to return as quickly as he can.”

Saying this I went scarlet. Mum, who was putting dishes away in cupboard, set them on the table.

She walked towards me and kneeled. “Something wrong honey??” Mum inquired lifting my face up.

“What?? Huh! Everything’s fine Mum; Great!” I blurted out, trying to sound as enthusiastic as I can.

“Really?” she asked, gazing into my blue eyes.

“Of course Mum! If something would have been wrong, wouldn’t I have told you?” I said defiantly, giving her an assuring smile.

“Would you have??” she said calmly putting an emphasis on you. Her words were calm but they stung me painfully.

I started sweating all over. It was as though she knew everything. Perhaps, she didn’t notice my reaction because she embraced me without another word. I bit my lower lip as she patted me on the back. I couldn’t stand one more minute with her. I disengaged myself from her gently and left the house after giving her a swift kiss on the cheek. I knew that if I would have been there a little longer, I would have lost my nerve; my whole plan would have been ruined. So I got away from her as soon as I could. I walked in early morning sun. The weather was blissful and cheery but my mood wasn’t.

Then I saw someone waiting for me few paces ahead. It was Max. My legs felt rubbery as I walked towards him. He had his backpack over his shoulder and he was chewing his thumb nail. He looked relieved when he saw me; I guess he wasn’t expecting me to turn up.

“Hi, have you done it?” I whispered.

“Yeah! Pierced it with a spiky nail. I just wanna see her face when she sees her bike tire punctured. Poor Andrea! She doesn’t know who she is messing with!” Max snorted.

“Good!” though I did not feel so. “Poor girl! I don’t know how much it will cost her to get a new tire,” I thought.

“Stop being naïve!” I scolded myself. “Okay, let’s get this over with.” I hissed. I don’t know why I was talking in whispers.

We almost ran to the school. It was almost deserted. We dashed to my classroom and carried out our plan with great care. I was tensed but Max was really calm, I guess he was really used to this stuff.

When we were done, he said, “Okay, everything is in order. We should leave before anyone else turns up.”

I accompanied Max to the school gates. Then uttering a few words of assurance and wishing me luck he departed for his school. I hanged around in the parking area as it filled with pupils. I waited and waited but without any luck. Andrea didn’t show up. Maybe she is not gonna come because of a flat tire.  I thought dispiritedly. Many horrible thoughts like that troubled me. I tried to shake ’em all but it didn’t help.  I continued to stroll in the lot. Sometimes I had the feeling that I should quit my plan and let bygones be bygones. But at the same time, Andrea’s jeering face floated before my face and my brain started seething again. A sharp squeals of brakes made me look up.